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  • 🥤 This AI stock is up 390% + Infinite TV show created by AI

🥤 This AI stock is up 390% + Infinite TV show created by AI

🚀 AI Stocks Hit The Moon 🖨️ Get Rich Scheme 📺 Weekend Fun!


It’s Soda Road. The only AI newsletter that makes you smarter without the effects of Nyquil. It’s Friday, so let’s get this party started.

  • 1: The latest “get rich quick” scheme sweeping through social media.

  • 2: This week in AI. One AI stock is up 390% YTD!

  • 3: Some fun for your weekend! Memes and a never-ending TV show created by AI.



Remember last year when your social media feed was filled with “Here’s 10 ways to make $1 million dollars in 30 days with crypto!” Fortunately, the crypto winter caused many of these social media “entrepreneurs” to go bust and have to move back into their parents' house (cough SBF).

Unfortunately, they found a new scheme: Get rich quick with ChatGPT!

A quick TikTok search reveals no shortage of videos on “How to make $$$ per day with ChatGPT”. They say you can start a side hustle selling AI created content on Fiverr or mass producing blogs. Sounds like we're about to see a whole lot of regurgitated information across the internet.

The oldest profession on the Internet still thrives: Bullshitery.

Although AI has been around for a few years, ChatGPT broke the wall between consumers and usable AI. And now, we have these gurus on social media to show for it.


WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK (Hint: a lot of money)

  • AI-related stocks are going to the moon 🚀 🌕 BigBear.ai ($BBAI) has gained 390% YTDC3.ai ($AI) has gained 98% YTDSoundHound ($SOUN) gained 50% YTD

  • AI powered email marketing startup, Lavender, secures $13.2 million. Sales teams are shrinking (getting laid off) and Lavender’s email marketing suite helps existing teams close more sales. Sip on it here.

  • Retail AI company, Standard AI, is buying self-checkout company, Skip. They’ll be providing “checkout-free” solutions to customers where they can effectively walk out with their product. Sounds like a shoplifter's dream. Sip on it here.

  • The FDA approved the first AI ultrasound for musculoskeletal imaging. Their wireless handheld ultrasound imaging device speeds up the process and reduces costs for patients. This could be a new era of health, where we take all of our biometrics at home, without even going to see a doctor. Sip on it here.

  • OpenAI had 100 million monthly active users in January. Up from 57 million in December. That surpasses the growth of TikTok and Facebook! Sip on it here.



AI tried to create a sign language guide

I don’t think my hand can do that trick…

Watch an AI generated sitcom. Forever.

An AI created TV show is streaming on Twitch. Non-stop. They have horrible graphics, an awkward laugh track, and AI written scripts. Spend your weekend watching it.


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