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Get ready for an upgrade on your Spotify! They just launched a new feature that adds a DJ to the mix. It's all thanks to their generative AI and personalization algorithm, so you'll never run out of old and new tunes.

The best part? They teamed up with OpenAI and bought Sonantic (an AI voice platform) to give commentary as the DJ plays some hot hits. You'll learn all about the songs, artists, and genres while the DJ drops some fresh beats hand-picked just for you.

AI is now integrated directly into everybody’s favorite text editor! And we tried it out!

More than 2 million people subscribed to Notion AI’s waitlist since teasing it in November 2022. After 10 weeks of testing it, the company launched the feature for all Notion users. Free members get 20 responses and then they need to upgrade to $10/month.

Companies that offer AI writing services (Jasper,, etc.) could all see a major hit as Notion now offers a built-in solution. It’ll be interesting to see how these other companies respond.

We asked Notion AI to improve the content above, and it did a pretty good job!

Notion’s CEO talked about how AI will fundamentally change how we work in a recent interview. You can read it here or listen to it as a podcast.


  1. AI lost to infants in a psychology study. Babies proved to be better at understanding motivations behind human actions compared to AI. These lessons are being used to further refine AI as it works to take over humanity. Sip on it here.

  2. 200+ e-Books on Amazon Kindle list “ChatGPT” as an author. Prepare for an influx of low-quality AI-generated books. One author netted $100 on his AI-created children’s book! Sip on it here.

  3. Crypto miners are training AI instead of mining Bitcoin. Sip on it here.

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