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🥤 AI Spinal Surgery & Shutterstock's Generative AI

Safer spinal surgery AI bot pending FDA approval 🧑‍⚕️ Shutterstock launches generative AI product


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Here’s what Taylor Swift is singing about today:

  • 🧑‍⚕️ AI becomes an MD. Aka, you’re gonna get cut open on camera.

  • 📸 A stock photo behemoth enters the generative AI space.


Proprio requested FDA approval for their AI system that allows surgeons to see the 3D anatomy of your body during spinal surgery. Their system is the first of its kind with this level of intricacy and detail.

The AI collects data from live cameras all over the room (even on the ceiling) and audio devices. It combines it with 3D scans taken before the operation. During surgery, doctors can see things that would've been impossible to see otherwise. The generated images can even change in real time.

They’re expecting to deploy this safer, better, and faster system to hospitals when the FDA approves. Let’s hope they emphasize the safer part.

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Back in October, Shutterstock and OpenAI ganged up to use Shutterstock’s photos to train DALL-E 2. They also teased an AI image-generation tool from Shutterstock.

The wait is finally over— Shutterstock launched its image generation tool! It creates images ready to license, while still paying the photographers who took the photos to train the AI. How wholesome 🥰

It doesn’t end there for Shutterstock though— they’re jumping two feet into AI! They also announced a partnership with Meta. They’ll be using Shutterstock images, video, and music for training their own AI tools. So expect another heavy hitter (daddy Zuck) to enter the generative AI space soon...

As the old saying goes: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Seems like Getty images never heard of that though. Last week they announced a lawsuit against Stability AI for using their images to train their AI.

If Getty keeps fighting AI, they might have to shutter their doors and getty the fuck out of here 😆


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