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AI is Ready to Fight Its First War 🫡

If you were conscious during 2020, then you've seen the havoc that misinformation can cause. Y'all were panic-buying toilet paper FFS 🤦

Without a doubt, AI can (and likely will) fuel a disinformation war. OpenAI and 30 other smart people (not us) sat in a room and stroked their long beards while smoking comically long pipes 🧙‍♂️

Tighten your tinfoil hat, turn off 5G, and grab a toilet paper roll. Cause we got some doomsday previews from that wizard convention!

How Can Propagandists Weaponize AI, like ChatGPT? 🔫

  1. ChatGPT makes it super cheap to automatically write mass amounts of propaganda text. For fractions of a dollar, you can write an entire book on how the earth is flat. Backed by bullshit scientific facts.

  2. AI can create personalized content much faster and much cheaper. Imagine an AI chatbot in the comment section arguing with pseudo-statistics about how Coca-Cola is healthier than water. This isn't a bot pasting some generic text, but rather a bot indistinguishable from a human.

  3. AI creates perfectly crafted arguments using the most persuasive vocabulary. Something that non-English speaking may find challenging to do. This could mean a lot more foreign meddling.

The Wizards of Wavery Place chalked up some strategies that could help reduce these issues.

The research outlines many ways to mitigate the propaganda AI can cause, but there's one that we think is the most viable:

Platforms require "proof of personhood" to post. This is probably the most viable solution. By requiring an ID to sign up, they could regulate bots/fake accounts on the platform. Louisiana recently started requiring a driver's license to watch porn. If PornHub can do it, then so can Facebook!

The Best Business Idea On The 🥤 Road

Life's too short for a boring newsletter. That's why you read Soda Road. But we also wanna make you money 💰

So keep an eye out for this section in our newsletter, where we discuss business ideas or investments.

Today's idea: Proof of personhood tied to your email or phone

The Problem: If every platform enforces a different "proof of personhood" process where you upload an ID, that would add a significant overhead cost to onboarding new users. 99% of users would never sign up for your dope new startup. Then you'd make no money 💔You wouldn't be able to pay for your $2900 studio apartment in San Francisco.You'd have to resort to drinking coffee at home 😲And you'd need an actual job at Mcdonald's (oh wait- they automated that too).

TL;DR: Require an ID -> become unemployed 😓

The Solution: Create a service, let's call it "PoP". At the login screen where the user enters their email or phone number, PoP checks if that email/phone has entered their ID before. If so, they permit the person to sign up and continue with the application.If not, they prompt the person to upload their ID and it ties it to their email/phone for future applications. This means you'd only need to upload your ID once!

The user can sign up for as many porn websites as they want without constantly taking photos of their ID 😄

If you build this, please give us 50% ownership. Or at least send an email saying "Hey we're building this, thanks for the idea, suckers".

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Send us cool AI stuff on Twitter – we're always looking for new stories. Until then ✌🏼

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