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  • 🥤 AI for Oppression 😶 Microsoft VALL-E: The vocal DALL-E

🥤 AI for Oppression 😶 Microsoft VALL-E: The vocal DALL-E

Iran uses AI for the wrong reasons ❌ VALL-E makes audio using your voice


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Here’s what's sizzling today:

  • Oppressors love AI: How Iran is using AI in naughty ways

  • AI Has Your Tongue: The more you say, the smarter AI gets

  • What Else We're Sippin' On This Week!

Oppressors love AI

Self-proclaimed CEOs on Twitter aren’t the only ones who love AI. Governments are fangirling over AI in their own creepy dystopian way.

There are 77 countries using some form of AI surveillance. China and Iran have been using biometric data (like facial recognition) to control their citizens for years. Despite all their control, both countries have seen some of the largest protests in decades.

The protests in Iran sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini over a hijab are causing the government to crack down even harder. They’re considering deploying their facial recognition technology to enforce the hijab law.

“Iranian traffic officials started using it in 2020 to issue fines and send women warnings by SMS about wearing a hijab when inside a vehicle.” (source)

I hate to be the dude wearing a tinfoil hat, but… *puts on a tinfoil hat*

We love AI as much as you do, but it’s also our responsibility to make sure we create a future that’s sustainable. So let’s put the shits and giggles aside for a second and tweet something moral.

AI Has Your Tongue 😝

Let’s recap what Microsoft's been up to these last few weeks:

🔥 Integrating AI with Bing and Office products🎯 Invest another $10 billion into OpenAI💦 And now, VALL-E, a generative voice AI that can replicate anyone’s voice

Microsoft's riding the AI wave like a long-haired Australian with tattoos rides a surfboard (and then flirts with my wife 😭)

How VALL-E works:1. You say literally anything for 3 seconds, like “Where's the hoes?”2. The AI replicates your voice and says something else, like “Soda Road is awesome”

The possibilities (of scams) are endless 🤩

You have to hear it for yourself. Click here to listen with an interactive demo.

What Else We're Sippin' On This Week 🥤 

Scale AI cuts 20% of its workforce

As OpenAI employees popped their bottles of champagne, Scale AI quietly axed 20% of its workforce. This was due to rapid hiring combined with a shit economy- not because OpenAI is becoming the ultimate AI daddy.

Build an AI game in 5 days!

Dylan Ebert from Hugging Face released a tutorial on how to create a video game using AI for the Art, Game Design, 3D Assets, and more!

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