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🥤 DALL-E Proteins & Giga Chad OpenAI


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  • Proteins Come Quick With DALL-E

  • OpenAI Doublin' Down

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Proteins Come Quick with DALL-E

While you were busy telling DALL-E to create photos of skateboarding teddy bears, scientists were putting DALL-E to work. Actual work.

In 2017, scientists from the University of Washington proved that AI can generate proteins for specific tasks: like fighting the COVID virus. But the process could take years- ain’t nobody got time for that!

With the release of DALL-E, the labs saw an acceleration in creating new blueprints for proteins. From years to weeks.

These aren’t the proteins that gym bros eat 6 times a day. These proteins help fight cancer, and viral pandemics, and let you teleport through time and space! Maybe not that last part, but we remain optimistic 🤞

Scientists give a prompt with a rough outline for the protein they want, then the diffusion model outputs a 3D shape of that protein. Scientists still need to experiment in the lab with real chemicals and confirm that the protein functions as expected.

For you nerds, here’s the research paper, go fantasize over it. (Nerds click here).

OpenAI Doublin' Down

In a year that AI startups saw a drop in funding, OpenAI revealed its true giga-chad colors and more than doubled its valuation.

👶 2021 valuation: $14 billion

💪 2023 valuation: $29 billion

Rumor has it that OpenAI is selling $300 million of existing shareholders’ shares. Allowing shareholders an opportunity to liquidate some of their holdings– or even double down.

You might think OpenAI is hot shit right now, but they have yet to turn a meaningful profit. And they’re not even the hottest shit on the block.

💵 Grammarly valuation: $13 billion💵💵 OpenAI valuation: $29 billion (predicted)💵💵💵 Cruise valuation: $30 billion💵🤑💵💰 Databricks valuation: $38 billion

OpenAI faces many challenges ahead, but they’re in bed with the right people, so we have very high confidence that they’ll become a money printer. Unless Altman pulls an SBF.

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