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  • 🥤 AI Masters Emotions and Voice | Ecommerce and Retail Tools

🥤 AI Masters Emotions and Voice | Ecommerce and Retail Tools

Putting Words in Actor's Mouths & Google's AI Ecommerce and Retail Suite


What makes you feel great, smart, and lose 3 pounds first thing in the morning? A freshly brewed gallon of coffee. And the Soda Road (weight loss patent pending). 

Here’s what's for breakfast:

  • AI that changes words and faces to new words, emotions, and languages

  • Google gets their shit together with some real AI products

  • What we're sipping on. The hottest news about AI & Business curated by our sleepless team (we fire staff who sleep)


This will be the craziest 24 seconds of your life...

Literally putting words in the actor's mouth. Unlocks a lot of doors for humanity...

🌍 Changing languages while keeping the emotion and lips perfect.

👶 Making movies kid-friendly. Although kids are seeing worse things online.

👮 Faking people admitting to crimes they didn't commit.

Another startup, ElevenLabs, raised a $2 million pre-seed round. Their AI converts long-form text to speech in any emotion and language.

The AI creates artificial voices or clones existing ones. Mike Tyson can read you "Cat In The Hat" in Spanish as you fall asleep. What a time to be alive.

You wanna see something really cool? Go to ElevenLabs, click on "give me an idea" and listen. Then Tweet us your credit card # thoughts!


Google recently teased us with a preview of their underwhelming AI apps🥱

But they're done f*cking around now. They announced sick new retail & e-commerce products through their Google Cloud AI solutions.

🏪 Vertex AI helps retailers analyze stores, customers, and products to optimize their placements.

💻 Discovery AI alters websites and prices to create personalized online shopping experiences. Enticing each customer to spend more.

🤝 Google Cloud and Rite Aid partnered to deploy on-site cloud computing to 2,300+ pharmacies. They'll be using various Google Cloud services, including AI tools.

This is the response we expected from Google! Not some dinky AI wallpaper maker.

If your store uses either of these solutions, please reach out to us. We want to hear your feedback on it- and you'll get a free section in a newsletter!


💰 Global AI in retail market could reach $24.1 billion in 5 years.

🦹 CNET's AI committed extensive plagiarism (unlike Soda Road)

👰Microsoft and OpenAI renew their vows 

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That's everything. 

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