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  • 🥤AI Keeps Cops in Check, Forecasts Global Warming, and a Smarter Startup

🥤AI Keeps Cops in Check, Forecasts Global Warming, and a Smarter Startup

Reviewing bodycam footage, accurate global warming estimates, and a smart startup


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We’ve got some exciting updates this week: First, our new series “Smarter Startup Spotlight”. And we’re soon announcing the newest member of Soda Road Squad… stay tuned ;)

  1. AI Monitoring keeps Police Officers on their best behavior 👮

  2. AI accurately predicts Earth’s temperature and what to expect from the “acts of god” in the next few years 🌍

  3. Our new series: Smarter Startup Spotlight! This series features how businesses are using AI in brilliant new ways 🧠



Police body cameras are a reactive approach to reviewing an Officer’s actions. They're only reviewed after an incident. What if there was a proactive approach?

Fun fact: managers love the word “proactive”. “Hey Boss, Soda Road convinced me to proactively replace myself with ChatGPT before you could”.

Truleo is an AI company that analyzes phone calls for large banks. And now they're monitoring body camera footage too. Their AI uses natural language processing to review bodycam footage every day. It alerts Police Supervisors of any questionable Officer behavior. Allowing them to catch potential bad cops before an incident happens.

The Seattle Police Department and ~12 California departments are already subscribed. They’ve seen a 30% decrease in inappropriate Officer language and a 12% decrease in civilian altercations.

Micro-management is usually a bad strategy, but this might be an exception.

Want more details? Sip on it here.



Don’t you hate it when you’re idling your lifted Ford F-350 dually pickup truck in a Walmart parking lot and think to yourself, “I wish this damn Earth would hit that magical 2 degrees Celsius so I can finally adopt a penguin.”.

Let’s be real though, nobody driving an F-350 knows what Celsius is.

Feeding it various data from 1980 to 2021, the AI was able to accurately predict that the Earth would reach 1.1°C by 2022-- which it actually did.

Researchers then ran it to estimate when Earth would hit 1.5°C (the Paris agreement limit) and 2°C (the apocalyptic limit).

It forecasted that we’d hit 1.5°C in the next 10 years, and 2°C between 2044 and 2065.

A fraction of a degree doesn’t seem like much, but this slight increase could mean:

🐻‍❄️ Polar Bears and Penguins can’t afford housing

🏝️ Island countries become dive sites

🌊 Florida gets more frequent oceanic baths

🔥 The extremes become extremer

So what’s the good news? Well, there ain’t much 🤷‍♂️

Even with rapidly declining emissions, there’s a ~70% chance we’ll still hit the 2C mark in the next 2-3 decades.

P.S. If you have the cure for global warming it would be so cool if you released it now. K thx.

Want more details? Sip on it here.



We are launching a new series called Smarter Startup Spotlight where we feature a person or business that's gotten smarter through their use of AI. If you know someone who deserves to be featured, DM us on Twitter!

Evoke - Cloud API for AI Models

You know what’s (almost) harder than trying to run a business? Trying to set up and maintain your cloud systems for AI without going insane.

One moment it’s working, and then the next it goes in a faulty updating state and why are you even paying so much to host these damn AIs?! AWS = "Always Working... Sort of"

Luckily, Richard Gao set out to solve this problem through his company, Evoke. They allow you to access AI models in the cloud without having to deal with all the BS that comes along with it.

Evoke exposes open-source AI models (like Stable Diffusion) through a pay-as-you-go API. Businesses can connect to their API and leverage the AI without having to set up their own cloud. This can also integrate with no-code tools, like Bubble.io.

They currently support Stable Diffusion. Dreambooth and other AI models are on their roadmap.

Now that’s sexy, smart, and simple— The Soda Road mantra!

Check out their website, Twitter, or Discord. And let them know that uncle Soda Road sent you ;)

Thanks to Richard & Evoke AI for being this week’s feature!



  1. OpenAI has hired 1,000 remote contractors, roughly 400 of them are programmers. They help label data and provide new data to fine-tune OpenAI’s CodeX product that translates words into code. (Sip on it here)

  2. AVer has an all-in-one camera with AI audio for classrooms. While some schools are banning AI, it appears that others are jumping neck-deep into it. (Sip on it here)


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